Tools and Training to Help You Become a Better Trader

Take Your Trading Skills to the Next Level

Online Video Training

Learn at your own pace – wherever, whenever. All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection.

Trading Software

The right software gets you deeper insights into the market. Learn how your trading software can give you a trading edge.

Trading Robo-Advisors

Stay informed of events and be notified as the market moves so can be on top of fresh trading opporunities.

Why Trading Kungfu?

At Trading Kungfu, we strive to help you learn a skill that can last you a lifetime.

Instead of giving you a “black-box” and for you to follow buy and sell signals, we provide the training and tools so that you can become a more proficient trader. With these advanced trading skills, you will be able to analyse the markets better, so you can take your trading to any asset class, any market and any time frame.