Learn how I turned $100K into $2 million in 15 months using my proprietary price action trading strategy

... and how this breakthrough helped me make a comeback from being in debt, into becoming Singapore's top trader.

Hi, I’m Robin Ho.

I have been trading actively for 30 years, and doing it full time for the past 18 years.  

I’m a seven-time award winner of Phillip Capital top tier trading representative and have been one of Phillip’s most successful traders.

Back in 2007, my trade plan of the Dow Jones had accurately predicted the market top, before the crash during the Great Financial Crisis.  

With this trade plan, I started with capital of $100K in October 2007, and turned it into more than 2 million dollars in a short span of 15 months just trading the markets!

But my life has not always been a bed of roses…

I started trading in the good old 1990s.

… and back then, the stock market was red hot!  Even as a beginner, I quickly managed to pull off $300K in profits in 12 months!

But little that I realise… I didn’t make those profits because I had the skills to trade.

I was LUCKY.  

You see, back then, the market was extremely bullish, and with a massive bull market in the backdrop, all you needed was the guts to place your trade!

And as you would expect, just as I thought I had my life sorted…

I lost it all back... I lost $500K in 2 weeks!

From $300K in profits, I fell into a debt of $200K.

It was a tough time for me, my wife and my kids.  Even with a stable navy job, I could be spending my lifetime paying this debt!

But it was then when I realised that if I want to ever pick myself back up, I need to get absolutely serious about mastering the stock markets, and trade my way back.

With this renewed “motivation”, I dug back into the markets with all I had left.

Through the school of hard knocks, and having my skin deep in the game, I was finally able to find out which strategy works and which ones doesn’t.  

Starting with a capital of $30K, I managed to pay back all my losses through trading, and this this time I knew for sure that I was longer depending on luck.  

Because instead of relying on chart indicators, or someone else’s “trading system” to tell me when to enter and exit my trades, I now understood WHY the prices moved, and learned to read the psychology behind the price movements.

In the process, I also created my own proprietary trading strategy focused on just price action and volume, which I am still refining and using to this day.

My comeback story was featured in ZaoBao.  

Using my strategy consistently, I soon became one of Phillip Capital’s most successful traders, and their top stock broker.  

Today I no longer worry about how I could make ends meet.  I know I now have a proven life skill that I can depend on, and nobody can take away from me.

Today, the world that we know and live in is undergoing a MASSIVE change.

Businesses all around the world have been forced to shutter, and massive amount of people have been laid off, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc everywhere.

In late February, I posted about a topping out warning on the Dow Jones.  

And just 2 days later, we saw the the biggest and fastest meltdown of the stock markets the world has ever seen – the Dow Jones fell over 10,000 points within a single month!

Because I was able to spot this topping out signal, I was on the right side of the market, and managed some neat wins, even as the markets came tumbling.

… but the recent behaviour of the stock market behaviour has left even the experts baffled and humbled.

In the last 3 months, you would have witnessed a spectacular recovery, with the market totally disconnected from fundamentals.

That is why today, more than ever, if you want to learn to trade the stock markets, you need to learn a practical skill.  Not just theories or grand ideas, but actionable strategies that generate consistent results.

If you would like to learn how to trade confidently in today’s volatile and uncertain markets, I’ve got good news for you.

Come this July, I will be running my flagship RHO Price Action Trading Course.

RHO Price Action Trading Course

In this comprehensive trading course, you will learn how to prepare your own trade plans and execute your strategy in the real market! 

Through 18 hours of live classroom training (over 6 sessions), I will raising the curtains on my proprietary price action and volume trading strategy that I have created.

It will be a highly hands-on experience that goes beyond theories and dives deep into the essence of trading.  We will be monitoring and trading a portfolio of stocks together, adjusting the trade plans as they unfold.

What's Included:

In the past 10 years, hundreds of students have attended this course from different walks of life… doctors, engineers, fund managers, housewives, retirees and even university students.   Some, who are parents even return to re-attend the program with their kids!

Many of them have been able to go on and trade for a living, while others are trading with greater confidence and consistency.  

Here’s what some of them have to say after attending my course…

I want to invite you to join me in this course.  

I’m certain that this program will be one that will change the perspective you look at the markets, and help you make better trading decisions.

Click on the button below to register your interest. Details are on the next screen. 

See you in class!

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Instead, you will receive 1-month access to XENITH APAC Data subscription (or equivalent).

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